She is worth more than rubies, that’s how King Solomon described a noble woman (Proverbs 31:10).  As the world celebrates women this month, we want to especially celebrate the women of Malawi.  In particular, the women of Malawi who live in the village.

We are so proud of the women of Malawi.  They face so many challenges in life.

  • Cultural stigmas, in some areas 30% of women believe they are inferior, and it is acceptable for them to be abused.
  • Early marriages, 46% married before age 18, 9% before age 15.
  • Lack of education, 30% of women cannot read.
  • Poor sexual and reproductive health resources, resulting in heighten vulnerability in childbirth, sexually transmitted disease, and associated deaths and disabilities.

Yet, the women of Malawi are strong.  They are courageous, determined and beautiful. They are making great strides of progress in all of the areas above.  Thanks in part to Y-Malawi programs designed to empower women, the pace of progress is picking up.

  • Women are starting new businesses.
  • Girls staying in school, graduating high school, even attending universities.
  • Early marriages prohibited and or disrupted.
  • Adult literacy classes are heavily attended by women.
  • Women are forming groups to help, encourage and support each other.
  • Older women forming Mother Groups to educate, encourage and support younger girls.

She is indeed worth more than rubies.  We honor this month the women of Malawi.  We thank God for them and for what He is doing to bring hope.  Solomon ends his tribute to a noble woman with these words, “Honor her for all that she hands have done, and let her works bring her praise at the city gate.”

We simply say Amen.

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