We’re creating sustainable change in Malawi, Africa while sharing the heart of Jesus. In a rarely seen model, we put the village church at the center of this effort. Then support the church with local Malawian ministries who offer proven success. Change for women and girls is a key focus too. We believe that when you empower a woman, you impact her life, her family, her church, and the entire community.
The Model

The local village church, with support from local partners, is the vehicle bringing changed lives and hearts. Sponsorship is the fuel that powers the vehicle. Vision trips to Malawi are the roads that lead us to experience a deeper faith.

The Vision

A vibrant and thriving Christian community that embodies the Great Commission , and the Great commandment, an awakening of the church in America.

The Mission

To bring people together in community with each other and with God to see His purpose for our lives fulfilled. These connections between churches, individuals, and the people of Malawi become workshops where hearts are opened, and change begins.

The Difference

  1. A grass-roots organization with little overhead in the United States
  2. Sponsorships help widows, orphans, young girls and women senior citizens
  3. Half of the sponsorship goes directly to support the sponsored
  4. Half of the sponsorship goes to support the local village church
  5. We invest in Malawi, the work is done by Malawians
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La Verne, CA 91750

Telephone 909.541.7660

Teaching the Next Generation about Christ


  • Ranked among the poorest nations in the world
  • A democracy
  • Home to more than 18 million people
  • Capital city Lilongwe
  • Agricultural economy
  • Overall, 75% Christian, 25% Islam
  • Official language is English, most speak Chichewa


  • Incorporated 2007
  • Approved 501 (c) (3)
  • 100% Donation Supported
  • Less than 15% Overhead Allocation
  • 8 Member Board of Directors
  • Guidestar Platinum Seal of Financial Transparency
Teaching the Next Generation about Christ


  • Deaths during maternity are down
  • Churches are working together toward sustainable development
  • More than 5,000 deciding to follow Jesus each year!
  • 3,400 Chief’s Bible studies in place
  • Hundreds of micro-finance loans made
  • New schools built
  • Childhood marriages down
  • Girls are staying in school
  • Marriage seminars impacting family life
  • Emergency food and water provided for those in need



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