Stella is a Chief, but even Chiefs can face tragedy.  She testified during a women’s gathering recently that when her husband died it hit her hard.  She couldn’t understand why this happened.  It was like she was living in a deep fog, nothing seemed clear anymore.  She struggled to feed and provide for her children.  With no real source of income, she turned to begging for a few pennies a day and scraps to keep the family alive.

Then a friend invited her to a Y-Malawi Chiefs Ministry Change Me program.  In Change Me she heard for the first time that there was a God who loved her.  Through Bible study, she heard stories of strong women in the Bible.  Stories about women who made a difference in life for those around them through the strength given to them by God.  Her learning didn’t stop there.  In the Change Me program she learned new skills.  She learned how to knit goods she could sell.  She learned how to grow a garden using the principles of Farming God’s Way.

Stella’s life has changed from one of a lost soul to a woman of purpose.  She has new hope.  She is excited for the future and what God has in store for her and her family.

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