Empowering Women and Girls

With just a little help the women and girls of Malawi can make a lasting impact for themselves, their families, community and country.

Opening Hearts for Change

It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference in the lives of others. If we open our hearts, we can change the world.

Ministry Trips

Come with us to Malawi! Walk side by side with those making impact and those being impacted. It will change your life!

A Testimony

Is all this making a difference? See and hear what one woman has to say.

The Church Making a Difference

How can the church make a difference in anyone’s life? Watch this real life example.

Nkhoma Youth Showcase

Youth make up 60% of Malawi’s population. They are Malawi’s future, and they are ready for change.

Fishers, Trainers & Senders Showcase

Kid’s Clubs don’t only impact children, they make a difference for families and entire communities. Learn how children can impact the future in a lasting way.

Chiefs Ministry Showcase

In a tribal culture, Chiefs make the decisions. This is the story of what can happen when Chiefs are given the resources to better their community. It’s pure joy.

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