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Can the church really change the world?  Can yours?

Lives in Malawi are being changed from the inside out, the cycle of poverty is being broken and communities are experiencing a fullness of life found only in Jesus.

But there is more. Churches in the United States are being transformed, hearts are being opened and people are experiencing the joy of their salvation anew.

One Pastor expressed what is happening this way, “Our folks return (from a Ministry Trip) having experienced Jesus-like ministry and can’t go back to business as usual.”

I met some wonderful men and women who are dedicated to their fellow countrymen and to God. I know that God wants me to be bolder about sharing my faith – not just in Africa, but right here at home.
Education & Agriculture
Education & Agriculture
Coming back, I chose a specific goal for myself. I wanted to come back as a person that someone can see the Holy Spirit alive in.
Ministry Trips and Sponsorships provide an opportunity to connect with others on the other side of the globe and to develop lasting relationships. You experience what it means to be a Christian in a new life-changing way.
Education & Agriculture
Education & Agriculture
God has shown me that all He asks if for our obedience; Love is enough; and He doesn’t call the qualified, but rather qualifies the called.
I saw how joyful the people are despite having so little, and I realize how much we take for granted and how we are so wasteful with our resources.
Education & Agriculture

Through Y-Malawi God is opening hearts for change

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