Isha is a brilliant young girl at a local school in Nkhotakota. But she struggled juggling school work and household responsibilities. She was required to help her single mother at home make ends meet. Eventually, she decided to drop out of school. The money used to pay for school could cover essential food and supplies at home. Then, just before she officially withdrew from her school, a miracle happened.

Through the Y-Malawi Sponsorship Program, God provided a means to pay for Isha’s fees. A sponsor in the United States decided to help her continue her schooling. The sponsorship made it possible for Isha and her mother to live comfortably with the extra money now being distributed to other areas of their lives. Not only was Isha able to return to her education, she now had a new hope for her future. The opportunity she’s been granted has opened up new horizons for her. She is excited to explore what God has in store for her.

In response to this blessing, Isha’s mother thanked Y-Malawi. She said “I have seen God in all this. Indeed, He answers prayers.” Isha and her mother observe Muslim traditions, but have since joined the Bible study conducted in their local church. When she said she saw God in their blessings, she meant Jesus Christ. Ultimately, not only did Isha receive aid that helped her schooling and home life, she and her mother also received the greatest gift of all, Jesus.

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