Have you been blessed in a special way?  We are always working on special blessing too.  There are needs that go beyond the day-to-day and special gifts help us get there.  Below are some things we are working on right now.

  • 10 new preschools still need chalkboards so that they can practice their skills, $350.
  • The new goat farm and Farming God’s Way demonstration garden needs more fencing, $1,300.
  • We need a well on the property above and for the community nearby, $10,000.
  • The Vocational Training Center needs 5 more new sewing machines for student training, $600.
  • We also want to expand training at the VTC to include Salon services (hair care), $1,300.
  • The Chatanga Bible Study Center has outgrown its capacity and needs to be expanded, $700.
  • A new Worship Center is being built at Abjua, a community that has not had a church in 50 years, $20,000.
  • The Vocational Training Center wants to improve the quality of tailoring with an embroidery machine, $2,500.
  • We never have enough Bibles, so many people need a Bible, they cost $10 apiece.

Use the button below if you want to help.  Even a portion of the need is a huge.  Just make a note in the comment section when you make your gift to let us know how to use the funds.

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