Like many women in Malawi, Gloria was dependent on her husband for an income. She had the potential to make money of her own, but didn’t possess the resources to do so. Then Gloria joined Y-Malawi’s Economic Empowerment program.  In the program women are empowered to own their own small business.  Gloria is doing tailoring, but others sell maize or clothing, some have a restuarant, others are growing food for sale.  This program changed everything for Gloria.  Now she has not only learned new skills, she was also given the resources she needed to make money using those skills. 

Gloria is running a successful tailoring business where she makes and mends clothes out of chitenje, the traditional material in Malawi. Through this business, she contributes to the household income in addition to her husband’s earnings. They’re able to support their family a little bit more comfortably now. 

She has even managed to save ten dollars to start a new small business selling sardines to boost her income further. Gloria is very grateful for the Y-Malawi women’s program that helped turn her potential into a possibility.

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