Mpamantha Children’s Club gathers children together to teach them many different subjects and skills, one of which is gardening. There is a little boy named Samuel who is part of that club. He has an amazing story that comes from the lessons he learned at this club.

Samuel has a big family of five brothers who also attend the club with him weekly. One week, their teacher taught them a few lessons on how to plant vegetables. They learned how to properly make gardening beds and water the plants so that they would grow successfully. Since these boys are so young, nobody expected them to do what they did next.

They started their own garden! These six boys put their shared knowledge together and got to work. In their own village, they prepared four planting beds, planted mustard in all of them, took very careful care of each bed, and eventually harvested the vegetables. Despite the miniature size of the garden, they were able to eat the vegetables during their meals–so much so that their mother didn’t need to buy vegetables from the market anymore!

They weren’t done yet. They took it a step further and even sold some of their harvest to buy some school supplies. With what they earned, they were able to afford two exercise books and one pencil, which is a great feat for such young children. This is a testament to what children can accomplish once given the knowledge and opportunity to shine.