When Ed and Sue came to small group that night, they had no idea what they were in for.  It was just a typical gathering of about 10.  Then God showed up.  Hundreds of lives were about to be changed forever.

At this gathering there was a presentation about what God is doing in Malawi through Y-Malawi.  There were photos and stories of how God is moving in the lives of those who follow Islam.  How churches are being developed to reach out to their communities, and how women and girls are being empowered to change their future.

That night Ed couldn’t sleep.  He just kept thinking about what he had seen and heard.  The next morning, he told Sue, “We just have to do something.”  Together they decided to help fund a new roof for a clinic being built for children under 5 years old.  Several village churches had come together to build the clinic for their community, but they could not afford tin for the roofing.  Without a tin roof, and with the rains approaching, the mud made bricks could collapse as they get soaked with water.  Ed and Sue couldn’t let that happen.  They gave some money to purchase the tin needed to protect the new clinic.

When the villagers in Malawi heard about what Ed and Sue were doing, they couldn’t believe it.  Then the day came when the tin sheets arrived.  A day of celebration!  The village Chief said, “I am so happy as a chief to have received these iron sheets, by faith together with the church in our area we saw the need and we mobilized the community to do something for the under-five children which includes pregnant women as they would walk long distance to the clinic so we come up with this structure. And today that some people, that we don’t even know, that we never expected come and assist us, we thank God!”  That day they sang, they prayed, they worshiped God for what He had provided them through Ed and Sue.  After seeing the photos of the gift delivered Ed said, “It warms our hearts to see the happiness on their faces and to know that the clinic will be safe from the coming rains. We are blessed to be able to help.”

Just a small group gathering?  Not when God shows up.  That one small group has now impacted the lives of literally hundreds of children and expectant mothers.  People Ed and Sue will likely never see or know this side of heaven.  Nothing is impossible with God.  It does not matter how small the group or how small the gift.  What matters is that we do what Ed and Sue did.  That we listen to His voice and answer the call.

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