It was a battle. A battle between hunger, death and love. Late in 2019 the hunger season in Malawi began. Very quickly it was evident that this season was going to be bad. It was a perfect storm of sorts. Storms and pests converged to damage life giving crops. The food ran out early in the season, people were going to die.

Then a miracle. The Y-Malawi family came together to provide help. During the peak of the hunger season (January, February and March) Y-Malawi fed thousands who through no fault of their own were starving. Not starving like having missed lunch. Starving because they had not eaten in days with no hope of food coming. Comments from those helped tell the story, “God has not forgotten us,” “I could not dream of this day coming,” He has sent you to rescue us,” and “Now we know that there are others who care.”

New crops are growing now. The battle is nearing an end. Hunger tried to have it’s way, but the Y-Malawi family would not allow it. People have felt the love of others, they have felt the love of Jesus. They will not forget you made a difference. Click the button below to watch a video about the 2020 Hunger Response.

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