We know what you are thinking, “Another sponsorship program, blah, blah, blah.”  We get it.  Sponsorships have been around for a long time.  Give us just a few seconds to explain.

Women and girls have a tough life in Malawi.  Consider a few statistics:

  • Half of the girls in Malawi are married before age 18, many not by choice.
  • 84% of births are from teenage mothers.
  • Only 3% of girls graduate high school.
  • 40% of women suffer domestic abuse.
  • A recent poll showed nearly the same number of women believe it is acceptable for a man to beat his wife.
  • In the village, a man can leave a marriage or take another wife any time he chooses.

Women work hard in Malawi.  They clean house, fetch water, gather firewood, forage for and cook food, work the fields, plus care for the children and their husband.  Even young girls are expected to be up before the sun and work until night.  In all of this difficulty, challenge and pain, if you look deeper, there is something below the surface.  Something that you might miss.  It is influence.  In their difficult situation, women are in a very unique position to influence the lives of their children, their family, their husband, and even the entire culture.

The Y-Malawi program is different than anything you have seen before.  Unlike others, half of your support goes directly to your sponsored woman or girl in the form of food, supplies, regular visits, counseling and development.  Some of it goes to pay school fees so that girls can graduate.  The balance goes to support Bible studies and programs like Girls of Distinction, Mother Groups and Women’s Change Me Programs.  Sponsors get a quarterly progress update.  They can communicate with their sponsored woman or girl through Y-Malawi by simple email.

Women can change a culture from within.  So can you.  This new concept is working.  More girls are in school than ever before.  More women have started new businesses.  Marriages have been saved.  Not surprisingly men have noticed.  They are changing too.  Women are taking center stage in not only changing their personal lives and families, but their communities.

This isn’t just about sponsorship and more programs.  This is about making a difference for a woman who just needs a little help, a hand up, hope and someone to step in an love them.  Will you be that someone?

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