Below are a few of the women and girls waiting to be sponsored.  Once you find the one you want to empower, jot down her name and click “Sponsor Now.”   As you check out just write her name in the comment box.

That’s it! You are on your way to changing a life!

Malita Banda – Malita does not know her own birthday.  She lives with her mother, her father has passed away.  She has been trying to go to high school. In her community people survive by growing vegetables in the garden.  She needs food, clothing and hope. For about $1 per day you can give her hope.

Dora Amidu – Dora lives in poverty because her polygamist husband chooses not to help the family with anything.  Dora’s four children should be able to go to school, but Dora has trouble even securing food for them, much less school fees. Dora need to know someone loves her.  Will you show her that love?

Can’t Decide? – If you can’t decide that is no problem.  Just click Sponsor Now below.  For the name of the woman or girl you want to sponsor just enter You Pick.  We will look for someone who really needs a sponsor just like you!

Maupo Hackson – Maupo is 21 and married.  She and her husband have struggled in their marriage, but they are determined to make it last.  She is a member of a local Bible Study Group, but and identifies as a Muslim. She needs someone to encourage her. Can you encourage Maupo by sponsoring her?

Maines Elias – this woman believes she is about 45 years old. She has three children. The oldest is 25, the youngest is 17. She is a widow and active in her local church. She has a garden to feed herself and the family.  She could use just a little help from someone willing to give her new opportunities for a less difficult life.

How about putting a girl through high school? – We have a list of girls who can’t afford High School.  $55/month for 4 years will get a girl the education she needs. Just click below, give a $55 monthly gift and note it is to put a girl through High School.  We will be in touch with the details about the life you are changing soon.

Naomi Rajabu – Naomi lives with her husband and 7 children in a grass thatched hut.  She works the fields for day wages in order to support the family.  This is hard for her as she struggles with asthma.  Her family follows Islam.  As a Village Savings and Loan Club member, she hopes to learn more about money.

Julia Betchere – Since her parents passed, Julia is living with her grandparents.  She is 16 and in 6th grade.  Her dream is to finish school and become a nurse.  She is a Christian and loves attending church, especially singing.  Her family is very poor.  She will need a sponsor to continue on to High School.

Zalida Abdula – This girl is 20 years old and already has a family.  She was raised as a Muslim and identifies as one who follows Islam, but she is also in a Y-Malawi Bible Study Group and learning about Jesus.  In that group she is also learning about how to grow a garden so that she can better support her family.

Patricia Phiri – She is 25 years old, married and has two children.  The family is struggling.  Patricia is a Christian and active in her local church.  She is also a member of a Village Savings and Loan Club where she is learning about how to handle money.  Her dream is to one day own a small business of her own.

Brenda Maimba – This girl was selected to go to high school, but she cannot go because she is alone with her grandmother who cannot afford the school fees. A sponsor can allow Brenda the opportunity to go to a good school.  It can give both she and her grandmother hope for a better life.  They just need a little help.

Aliana Banda – Aliana is 28 years old with a husband and two children. She supports the family with a garden she planted where she grows vegetables.  This is their primary source of food.  They often go hungry.  She was making progress with a sponsor, but that sponsor was unable to continue helping.