Below are a few of the women and girls waiting to be sponsored.  Once you find the one you want to empower, jot down her name and click “Sponsor Now.”   As you check out just write her name in the comment box.

That’s it! You are on your way to changing a life!

Amina Jafali –  She is 19 years of age and living with her large family.  Amina is attending school in grade 11.  She has a child but has not given up on her dream of finishing High School.  She identifies as Muslim, but also faithfully attends Bible study.  With just a little support each month Amina can achieve her dream.  Maybe you could be the one to help her change her life and then the lives of her family members.

Can’t Decide? – If you can’t decide that is no problem.  Just click Sponsor Now below.  For the name of the woman or girl you want to sponsor just enter You Pick.  We will look for someone who really needs a sponsor just like you!                                                                                                                                  

Mudani Nasibu – She is a widow living in a tiny thatched roof house.  When the rains come, she sleeps in water.  Mudani thinks that she is 64 years old.  She has been a widow for some time.  It is hard for her to make ends meet, but she does not give up.  Even at her age she is working in the fields for day wages.  Now she needs you!  

Bibi Lumasi – Bibi is a 70 year old widow.  She lives in a small hut with her grandchildren who help care for her.  Though she is older and has lots of body aches, she is a hard working woman and continues growing food for the family in her garden.  Bibi considers herself a Muslim who follows Jesus.  She just needs a little help and encouragement to make her senior years a bit easier.                                   

How about putting a girl through high school? – We have a list of girls who can’t afford High School.  $55/month for 4 years will get a girl the education she needs. Just click below, give a $55 monthly gift and note it is to put a girl through High School.  We will be in touch with the details about the life you are changing soon.

Mwalati  Ungweli – Mwalati is 55 years old and a widow with 7 children.  Despite her life challenges, she is known as a happy woman who is always helping others.  She identifies as a Muslim who follows Jesus and is active in her local Bible Study.  She had a sponsor, but that sponsor cannot continue.  Now she needs you!  

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Hamida Stambuli – Hamida is 16 years old. She has just finished 8th grade. This is a big accomplishment for a girl in Malawi. Now she wants to go to High School.  She is a Christian and faithfully attends Children’s Club where she is a leader as one of the older children in the club.  This is your chance to help make her dream come true.          

Shadai Banda – This girl is 10 years old.  She is going to school in grade 3.  She is known as a good student at school.  At home she is always doing chores to help the family.  If you could see her feet in this photo she had only one shoe to wear.  Her family is poor and struggling to feed their family and keep the children in school.  You can help!

 Chimwemwe Kamanga – This woman is 36 years of age. She is married, living with a husband and 7 children.  She is a very hard worker, even having started her own small business. She had a sponsor, but that sponsor was unable to continue.  Now she needs another to step up and walk beside her as she works to improve her life and the lives of others.                                                                                                                           

Lidia Phiri –  At 72 years of age Lidia is a widow. She has many children and grandchildren.  She is a Christian and active in her local church.  She is Chairman of the Women’s Guild.  She is a hard working woman who having survived two husbands continues to make a difference in the world.   It takes just a little to help.                       

Hanifa Mayigwa – She is 21 years of age.  Hanifa was married young and now has two children.  The husband left some time ago for another woman.  Now she is caring for the children alone.  She identifies as a Muslim, but is active in Bible Study Group.  Hanifa would like to have her own small business one day so that she can support her young family. You can help!