Below are a few of the women and girls waiting to be sponsored.  Once you find the one you want to empower, jot down her name and click “Sponsor Now.”   As you check out just write her name in the comment box.

That’s it! You are on your way to changing a life!

Malita Banda – Malita does not know her own birthday.  She lives with her mother, her father has passed away.  She has been trying to go to high school. In her community people survive by growing vegetables in the garden.  She needs food, clothing and hope. For about $1 per day you can give her hope.

Dora Amidu – Dora lives in poverty because her polygamist husband chooses not to help the family with anything.  Dora’s four children should be able to go to school, but Dora has trouble even securing food for them, much less school fees. Dora need to know someone loves her.  Will you show her that love?

Anne Bafuta – Anne thinks she is about 60 years old.  She is not only a senior citizen, but she has mental challenges that make life hard for her.  She lives in a small village called Kanyambo.  She lives with her daughter, but her daughter also has some mental challenges.  These two really need our help.

Charity James – at 10 years old, she lives in the village called Chinkhande. Her parents are poor but she has had some schooling and can read, in Chichewa. A sponsorship would keep her in school and provide the schooling supplies she needs to graduate. Sponsorship would give her hope for the future. Can you help Charity?

Maines Elias – this woman believes she is about 45 years old. She has three children. The oldest is 25, the youngest is 17. She is a widow and active in her local church. She has a garden to feed herself and the family.  She could use just a little help from someone willing to give her new opportunities for a less difficult life.

Carolyn Boma – at 52 years of age, Carolyn is a widow with 3 children. To make things even more challenging, her husband left her as HIV positive.  She is living with and caring for the children but life is hard.  Her village is called Kanyambo, people are friendly there, but they can do little to help.  Will you help?

Estre Toba – this grandmother is 67 years old and still has one younger child she cares for on her own.  Her husband left some time ago.  Estre follows Islam and lives in a village where the majority of people do the same. You can make a difference! You can show her the love of Jesus. Click Sponsor Now.

Hawa Chimangeni – Hawa’s birthday is unknown.  Her home is a small hut with no running water, kitchen or electricity.  She sleeps on the floor.  Her diet is mostly vegetables she can gather.  Hawa needs to stay in school, but she may not be able to do so. She needs food, school supplies, clothing and love.  

Masa Banda –  Masa is about 20 years old.  She had her first child as a teenager, it was not her choice and she has no husband.  She lives in a dirt floor hut with a thatched roof.  The village she lives in is very poor.  Not much else is known about her until she finds a sponsor. Masa has been waiting for some time.  

Judisi Mbwana – This woman is in her late 50’s. She had her first child at 20.  She is alone now with 4 children.  The youngest just 5 years old. This family is living in a one room hut with dirt floors, and a thatched roof.  No kitchen, no bath.  They are struggling just to find food to eat. Sponsoring Judisi sponsors this family.