When COVID-19 hit the world, the virus didn’t skip Malawi. In response, Y-Malawi Partners have been distributing hand washing stations in villages, markets, community centers, churches, and Mosques. Hand washing is critical to helping avoid sickness, but it is even more powerful when people take additional steps to protect themselves as well.

To that end the, as the crisis began the Y-Malawi Vocational Training Center (VTC) shifted their focus from school uniforms and other clothing items, to making masks. The masks have become part of the sensitization training when each hand washing station is installed. People are learning what COVID – 19 is and how to avoid it. Masks are being distributed to those who need them free of charge.

Almost 3,000 have been made so far. Now local hospitals and other government agencies are requesting that the VTC make even more as their need for masks grows with the crisis. Making masks is just one more way that Y-Malawi has become an integral part of the community of Nkhotakota. The community knows Y-Malawi and its Partners care. They recognize the love of Jesus in every effort.

Times may be challenging and difficult, but they also represent opportunities. Opportunities for those who love Jesus to put love into action.