Like so many other women in Malawi, Malita has lived a difficult life. She was born into a family that follows Islam and married at an early age. After her third child, her husband found another wife and left Malita alone to fend for herself. With no skills, no education, no property to call her own, she worked the fields for a few cents each day in hopes she could earn enough to have a meal.

Then one day the pastor of a local church that is a part of the Y-Malawi supported Church Empowerment Zone, came to Malita’s door. He shared with her some lessons from the Transformation Tree curriculum. He helped Malita to see that poverty is both spiritual and physical. He helped her to understand how poverty came into existence, and how knowing Jesus can transform a mind from despair to hope. That day Malita’s life changed. Now she is a follower of Jesus and regular church attender.

Y-Malawi is helping Malita with food security. Since she lives in a home that is not adequate and safe, her church has plans to help build her a better house. Malita’s life is still hard, but she now has hope. Recently she testified, “I feel so much better about myself. I feel so good to be a part of a church family. I am even being discipled by the Pastor himself!”

Malita is dreaming of the day she might have her own Bible. Thanks to a generous gift, Y-Malawi will soon be providing her just that. No longer does   she feel herself a “throw away life,” now she believes there are people who care, and that God actually loves her.





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