In the 60’s there was a popular television show called Father Knows Best. While it’s true that fathers do know a lot, most of us depend upon mom a lot too. That’s especially true for those growing up in the village. Mothers play a primary role in running the household and raising the children in Malawi. They are the glue that holds Malawian families together.

This makes mothers a valuable resource in fighting misinformation, keeping children in school, avoiding child abuse, and promotion of safe lifestyle habits. To capitalize on the important impact mothers can have, Nkhoma Youth has taken the initiative to form Mother Groups. Most of the women in the groups are more mature. They have seen and experienced more of life. They understand the challenges younger mothers and children face. They have experienced the same issues in their own families. They can tell stories of both failure and success.

These Mother Groups come together to discuss the challenges young people are facing in their communities. They share thoughts, solutions, what is working and what isn’t. They share resources and connect folks together with others that can help. The best part is that they also study God’s Word together, learning what the Bible has to say about life and living it from a Biblical world view.

Then these mothers go back into their communities and share. They teach young girls about health issues that are normally taboo topics in the village. They counsel parents regarding child protection and the responsibilities of parenthood. They link with pastors and other church leadership to encourage and promote Bible studies. They become mentors, surrogate mothers, teachers and confidants. They are changing their communities from the inside out.

Mothers have always held a position of respect in Malawi, but now they are taking on a new role of leadership. This gives expanded meaning to those making important life decisions as they ask themselves, “What would mother say?”

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