Y-Malawi strives to touch all aspects of the family unit. In addition to the Reading Corners for children’s education, the Adult’s Education programs for grown ups, and the economic development programs for a source of income for the family, Y-Malawi also provides counsel for husbands and wives. 

Many churches in the village don’t teach in depth about the purpose of marriage, the role that God plays in it, and the Biblical way to go about it. Augustine, a member who attends these marriage counseling meetings, testifies saying “I have lived my whole life without witnessing anybody approaching me with this clear understanding as to how I should live with my wife.” Y-Malawi seeks to change that through this program. Weekly, that change is happening as Augustine continues to say “Thanks to God because Y-Malawi is the only ministry in this community that has taught us clearly from the Bible about the meaning of the marital companionship.”

Something as sacred as marriage must be properly taught and everybody deserves to learn more about it. This program, along with the others previously listed, are all possible because of your support through prayers and donations. Many families are being impacted by the work that God is doing through Y-Malawi and your help.

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