Thanks to some very special gifts, we are continuing to move forward with solar powered water pumps.  These pumps are having an incredible impact in the battle against hunger.

This is what the pumps look like.  A solar panel drives a pump that floats on the water in a pond, stream, or even a dug well.  The pumps push water out through a hose onto the field.

This is maize.  The primary food source for most Malawians.  It should not be growing now.  It should have all been harvested by end of April.  Instead, this is a second crop!

People are also branching out into new crops too.  Watermelon, sweet potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes and such.  During the dry season, these are impossible to grow without water.

These are ground nuts (peanuts), these will now be providing protein that so many need for healthy bodies.

We still have more to put into place, but these pumps have made incredible impact already.  They are going to Bible study centers where people learn about the Bible and improved farming practices at the same time.  We have so many wanting to start new Bible study centers that we are struggling to keep up!

We praise God for these special gifts and for how He is using the sun to bring people to know about His Son!