At 18 years old, Cosmas was a 7th grade drop out. His life was going nowhere. Then a relative insisted he attend a Sunday School hosted by World Relief, a  Y-Malawi partner. He went reluctantly. The first day the instructor thought he was on drugs. The second day he began to listen. The third day, he made a decision to follow Jesus.

The instructor told the class that they should bring a Bible. Cosmas didn’t have a Bible. He didn’t know where to get one. All he knew was that if this was God’s word, he needed to know what it said. He determined he would find a Bible. With $3.37 in his pocket, Cosmos started going door to door in search of a Bible. He was overjoyed when someone agreed to sell him one.

It took every cent he had. It didn’t have a cover. It was missing Genesis and Revelation, but it was the word of God. He started reading. He started praying. He started changing. He started memorizing scripture. He became a top performer in class. Even sharing with others what he was learning in his daily reading. His instructor was so impressed she bought him a new Bible. One with a proper cover and all of the books!

This once lost boy, was now filled with hope and a sense of purpose. Cosmas story does not end here. This is just the beginning. Now he is sharing what he has learned with everyone he meets, everyone who will listen. He shares with children, youth and even his elders. He has gone back to school. He takes his new Bible and his new tools with him wherever he goes. Cosmos is an example to us all.

His life demonstrates the power that we can harness in God’s word. The Holy Bible.

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