She could have escaped poverty, instead she chose to fight it. When Apatsa (black dress, on the right) graduated with a university degree in Community Development, she could have gone anywhere. Less than 10% of Malawi’s population have a college degree. Less than 2% of women do. Her degree is extraordinary, and so is Apatsa. She decided to return to her village in order to make a difference for the community she grew up in.

Apatsa isn’t alone. This past month Y-Malawi added four new Community Facilitators to the staff working to empower women and girls in Nkhotakota. All four are educated by Malawi standards. Like Apatsa, Khumbo (white blouse opposite Apatsa) has a degree in Community Development. Both Ida and Thokozani (center) have high school diplomas. Most importantly, all four carry certified love for God and others.

In their new role they will be visiting and monitoring the progress of sponsored women and girls. Amazing progress has been made by those sponsored already, but this new team will help achieve even greater accountability and results. Since they live in the communities in which they are now working, this team will be the face of Y-Malawi as we continue empower women and girls, while sharing the love of Jesus.

They will travel utilizing a bicycle and communicate with cell phone and other internet tools. We are so excited to have these four on staff. Our empowerment program for women and girls is continuing to grow. With this new talent we are positioning to make an even greater impact for those most vulnerable and for the kingdom of God.

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