Can you imagine trying to learn English or study the Bible by nailing paper to trees? That is what some of the Bible Study/Literacy Groups in Nkhotakota were forced to do because they lacked resources.

Now that is all a thing of the past. Y-Malawi supplied the funds and commissioned students at the Vocational Training Center to build some new chalkboards. It was a win for everyone involved. Students got the chance to practice carpentry skills and complete a project. The Vocational Training Center earned some revenue to help sustain the center. The Bible Study/Literacy Groups gained a new tool to help them with learning. Its development from within.

Teacher Ireen Sitolo said, “Teaching and learning by using flip charts was challenging. It was hard to properly hang the flip chart on a tree. We were constantly requesting new flip charts and in need of pens. This new chalk board will simplify teaching and learning.”

It is another great example of the power of synergy. It demonstrates how working together we can benefit each other and accomplish more. That is why the Y-Malawi model has seen such success. In a world where independence is often sought after, working together in community can change everything.