In the community of Chilenje, Wednesday is a day of passion. Not the kind of physical passion that we often see held in high esteem in movies and books. In Chilenje, Wednesday is a day of genuine passion for others. The kind of passion Jesus demonstrated when he spent time with and loved people that the world so easily discards. Jesus cared for widows, orphans, the disabled, the vulnerable and those often marginalized by the main-stream of society. He lived his love for them by listening, sharing, and healing.

Since 2017 people have been coming every Wednesday to a shelter built in Chilenje by Y-Malwai Chiefs Ministry. In total more than 5,000 have attended. They come to sing, dance and worship. They study the Bible, they pray, and they share stories of how God has done miracles in their lives. They are those most in need.  Yes, they are widows, the disabled, orphans and those with out resources. Yet, Wednesday has become their day of hope.

They leave on Wednesday with a new passion for life. Some Wednesdays they receive care packages to help them survive. Some have received prayer even healing. Everyone receives the knowledge that they are not alone, that they are loved, and most importantly that God loves them.

Jesus had a passion for others. In Mark 12:31 He said that one of the most important things we can do in this life is to “Love your neighbor as yourself.” In Chilenje, the Chiefs Ministry is doing just that. Loving others with a passion.





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