We say the words all the time, “Education is the key to a better future.”  Yet, the data and reality are shocking.  Education is not easy to come by for most people in the world.  This is especially true of those living in developing nations like Malawi.  For millions of women, education is only a distant dream.

There have been improvements in recent years, but there is a long way to go.

  • Only 35% of Malawi’s school age children complete primary school
  • Only 8% of students complete secondary school
  • The average teacher has 130 students in class

Girls are impacted disproportionately for a many reasons.

  • Girls are needed to do work at home
  • Schools can be long distances and travel unsafe
  • Families cannot afford the required fees
  • Early marriages often end school opportunities

It doesn’t have to be this way. Y-Malawi’s program to empower women and girls is giving girls the chance to get an education, to change their destiny. Through the generosity of sponsors, Y-Malawi is helping nearly 100 girls get an education. 77 girls are in primary school, 16 are in secondary school and 2 are attending universities!

Studies also show that when girls get an education it creates sustainable change.

  • Fewer early marriages
  • Reduced deaths during childbirth
  • Higher income levels
  • Even greater crop yields

Education is indeed the key to a better future, but not everyone has access to that key.  Want to help?  It doesn’t take much to sponsor a girl in school, just about a $1 per day and there are girls waiting.  Helping is easy, just let us know if you are interested by contacting us at sponsorships@y-malawi.org or call 909.541.7660.  We will find someone just for you.  You will be making a difference that will last for generations.