Economic Empowerment is working!  What God is doing is so exciting!

Since the launch of our Economic Empowerment initiative people are starting new businesses and becoming independent.  Others are seeing the success and raising their hands to say “Me too!”

The program is the first of it’s kind.  It includes a blending of support to both individuals and local Village Savings and Loan Clubs.  In this way, an entire community has a stake in, and can benefit from, the success of these new business.

Upon hearing about the program one group of women in the sponsorship program got together and formed their own Village Savings and Loan Club.  They asked Y-Malawi to stop giving them their regular allotment of food and grocery support.  Instead, they asked that Y-Malawi help them build equity in their new club so that they can make loans to begin new businesses on their own. Since they charge interest on these loans, they benefit financially too.

Now these women are making their own money.  They are playing a key role in building businesses in their own community.  Now others are asking if they can be a part too.  People are realizing that they do not need to depend on others, they can make their own future.  We are praising God because people are gaining hope again.

Dependency go away!  We don’t need you here.  The love of Jesus is no match for you.

The Village Savings and Loan Club making loans for new businesses!