Can you imagine coming second place in a race where there are one hundred other participants? That’s what Caroline did! Caroline is a Malawian girl in standard 6 (4th grade). She is among almost one hundred other students, yet she was ranked as second best according to her grades in all of her classes. In her gratitude, she attributed her success to the Y-Malawi youth program known as Reading Corners. 

Reading Corners welcomes all children no matter their learning level to teach and help them practice their reading and writing skills. Run by Y-Malawi volunteers, the program gathers every week with over a dozen children in attendance to essentially tutor them so that they can better succeed in their academics. 

Caroline’s testimony tells us that these programs are having a real impact on these children’s lives as well as their futures. By providing them with a place to harness their potential, they all have a chance to achieve their goals and dreams. Thanks to your donations, Reading Corners continues to thrive with materials such as pencils and markers for the children. Continue to keep us in your prayers so that more children can succeed as Caroline has, after all, children are the future. 

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