Do you believe the church can change the world? We do. In an area called Nkhotakota Y-Malawi partners have brought together 70 village churches of all denominations. They are putting aside man made boundaries and coming together to work in concert for the cause of Christ. They know that together they can make a difference in their communities as they demonstrate the love of Jesus.

The first order of business is to teach basic Bible doctrine. None of these pastors has formal Biblical training. Most don’t even have a Bible. With the help of Veritas College they are learning the truth embedded in God’s Word. Some have never heard this truth before. Others have heard some, but the truth has been mixed with long standing cultural practices. Like light in a dark room, this education is enabling these pastors to see a world they never even knew existed.

Upon graduation they each received a certificate and a new Bible. One pastor said, “Now I have the word of God in my home. My home…can you believe it? I do not feel worthy. Now I can use this new knowledge to prepare sermons and help others in my church and community to know what God says to them. This is the greatest gift of my life. I never expected something so great as this.”

Now armed with the knowledge of truth, these churches are going into their communities and demonstrating the love of Jesus. They are building fences, planting trees, helping widows, starting schools. Others are noticing. Since the first graduating class these churches have grown in attendance by an average of 40%.

None of this would be possible without those who support us financially. So, can the church change the world? It already has.

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