Can you imagine your bed being a dirt floor? What if the roof of your home was made of grass and so that spiders and other pests lived just above your head? What if that same grass roof failed to keep water off of you at night while you tried to sleep on that dirt floor bed? Then what if your home had no windows or doors, just some sheets draped over those openings? Would you feel safe from animals, pests and anyone or things that might want to do you harm?

These conditions are a reality to the vast majority of those living in the village in Malawi. The really incredible thing to consider is that having a nice roof, or a good home doesn’t cost that much by American standards. A new tin roof costs about $500, a completely new home only about $1,000. It’s a small investment that can change someone’s life in a dramatically positive way.

Over recent months, Y-Malawi and those sponsoring women and girls have provided funds to build nearly a dozen new homes and roofs for those living in the worst possible conditions. Talk about life changing!

From Veronica, “I am on top of the world, I am today very happy to see things that I never dream of seeing. I have never thought of having a house with the iron sheet roof. May the Lord bless Y-Malawi, may the Lord bless Felix for thinking of me, glory to God!”

From Aisha, “I cannot believe that at my age I will now have a house of my own. I am more grateful to God and Y-Malawi than I can express. It is a miracle.”

From Mdana, “I did not know what it was like to sleep in a good house. May God bless you for what you have done to me!”

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