What’s the most treasured gift you have ever received? A ring? A family heirloom? Perhaps it wasn’t something of great monetary value, but something that meant a great deal to you personally? Whatever your answer, it’s likely that few of us would name a Bible as our most treasured gift. Unless, you live in the village, in Malawi.

It may seem strange to those living in the USA, where we have so much, but not everyone in the world has access to a Bible. In the village, it is rare to have a Bible in your home. Even many pastors do not own a Bible. It’s not that they are not available, it is that they are an expense that most simply cannot afford. A Bible costs about $10, the equivalent of half a month’s wages for most villagers!

Thanks to some generous friends, Y-Malawi was recently able to distribute over 200 Bibles. They were given to Pastors, Chiefs, Bible Study Group Members, and Youth Clubs. One Chiefs Bible Study Center is pictured here receiving their Bibles. They are wearing masks because of COVID-19.

Prior to owning a Bible, this group relied on the Y-Malawi Field Officer to share with them from the Bible each visit. They were praying that somehow God would provide 3 Bibles so that the group could share them.  When they heard that each would be receiving their own Bible, they could not believe it. They broke out in a song of praise to God. One woman said, “I never dreamed that I would have the word of God in my home. Now I can read for myself what God has to say to me, and I can read to my husband and children from God’s own book.”

Sometimes those of us living with much can take simple things for granted. How would our lives be different, how would this world be different, if all of us treasured the Bible as much as those who understand it as one of God’s most treasured gifts.