With raised voice and eyebrows, the man at the podium asked, “Just what are we teaching these kids?”  The audience reacted with applause.  There may have even been an “Amen” or two raised.  The Board Members lowered their heads and covered their microphones.  It was clear they felt the full weight and impact of the question.

The Bible makes it clear that we have a responsibility to teach our children good values.  In Deuteronomy 6:6, God Himself tells us to teach His laws to our children.  Those words were written thousands of years ago and teaching children the values found in the Bible can be a real challenge today.  Yet, it can still happen.

Children’s Clubs in Malawi are designed to do just that.  Y-Malawi partner, Fishers, Trainers and Senders has the responsibility of orchestrating Children’s Clubs in the areas where Y-Malawi is working.  Literally thousands of children are attending these clubs weekly.  During their club time they sing, play games, recite scripture, and perform Bible dramas.  All of these are wonderful, but recently these clubs have begun doing even more.

As an example, last month one of the Children’s Clubs went to the home of an elderly man who has been sick for some time.  Working together they cleaned up the man’s yard and did other chores for him.  They brought him water and supplies that he needed to survive.  The children learned something very important that day.  They learned the value of life.  They learned the value of serving someone else.  They learned what it means to give of yourself expecting nothing in return.  They learned that because God loves us, we can love others.

It was an important lesson.  It was an important day, a day that they will remember their entire lives.  So, what are we teaching these kids?  We are teaching them about love.  We are teaching them about the love of Jesus.