Who do you see when you look into the mirror each morning?  Is your reflection the same person that others will meet during your day?

In April, thanks to the Presbytery of Western North Carolina, Y-Malawi staff were able to coordinate and participate in Man in the Mirror training. Y-Malawi has long been pursuing empowerment of women, but we have not had a targeted development for men.  This new initiative is aimed at helping men engage in meaningful relationships that change lives and build the kingdom of God.  The trainings are designed to help men reflect honesty, while pursuing God wholeheartedly.

This initial training included specific participants who will serve as “Trainers” to take the program out into local village churches.  They will train others who will also become trainers so that the learnings can quickly be multiplied.  We are very excited about this new development.  The men of Malawi, especially those in the village need hope and love too.  Our prayer is that this new initiative will blend with other Y-Malawi programs to build stronger families and communities.

  • Families for Life, for families
  • Change Me, for women
  • Girls of Distinction, for girls
  • Transformation Tree, for churches
  • Man in the Mirror,  for men

God is not just changing women, men or churches, He is changing entire communities.  We pray and we believe that Man in the Mirror will play a significant role as we continue working to open hearts for change.