Her mother died of HIV/Aids last year. Her name is Shakira. Before her mother died she was sponsored through Y-Malawi’s program to empower women and girls. While alive, Mom received food and proper medical care to extend her life. The Father left long ago, so this help enabled Mother to care for her five children.

When Mom died the Y-Malawi team was right there by her side, praying and comforting. Y-Malawi paid for her funeral and proper burial. Now Shakira and the other children are staying with their Grandmother. She is elderly and can hardly care for them. The good news is that Y-Malawi has not left the children alone. This picture was taken while a Field Representative was delivering food. Shakira wears the only clothes she has. Her bother is in the background.

When they realized what was happening the entire village came to thank the Y-Malawi team. They sang songs of praise to God for what He is doing through Y-Malawi. They sang songs of praise to God for what He is doing for this family and for the people of their entire community.

Jesus cared for vulnerable children like Shakira, He calls us to do the same. Want to sponsor someone like Shakira? It’s easy, just click the button below learn more.

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