If you are breathing, this story should leave you with a lump in your throat.  It’s Esther’s story, told in her own words.

I am a 31 years old mother of three kids (she was married at 15) who has thought of going back to school after years of great torture (both physical and mental) from my husband (unfortunately not uncommon in Malawi). I stayed with him for 16 years. Then I left and went back to school and started grade 8.  I have been selected to go to High School (You must be selected to attend in Malawi) for grade 9.  I am attending, but traveling 2 hour (walking) one way to attend.

I had a challenge of tuition fees and school supplies. I was praying for such a support for some months now. I was sent back from school when time came for payments of the school fees. I cried all the way back home.

Then one of the Y-Malawi Community Facilitators came to our village and prayed with me. She then told me that God will make a way for me one day. I was happy when I was told about your provision (she is now sponsored). I am back to school now, a happy mother looking young and full of hope.”

Esther is in school with girls half her age, but she is determined.  She says she wants to be a writer one day, but the truth is she wants much more.  Again, in her own words, “I believe God will help me accomplish my goal.  I have to.  When I do, it can make a difference in my life and also the life of my sisters, aunts, and every other woman I know.” 

Don’t think sponsorship can make a difference?  Try telling Esther that.

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