A Chief is like a king. In the village the Chief makes all decisions. He or she (there are women Chiefs) will approve your marriage. They tell you where you can build a house. They settle disputes in the village. They handle those that break the law. Nothing happens in the village without the Chiefs knowledge. They are very powerful.

This is the story of Chief Chatanga, he is pictured here with his wife.  Born into a family that follows Islam, through the Chiefs Ministry of Y-Malawi, Jesus has been calling to Chief Chatanga and his family. Not long ago he became a follower of Jesus. As a new Christian, Chief Chatanga is holding and attending Bible Studies. When his friends came to ask why he is no longer attending prayers he replied, “You should be led as you wish, but for me, I must follow my heart’s desire and that is now Jesus.”

Others are now coming to follow Jesus too. It’s because of the leadership and testimony of Chief Chatanga. God is using the Chiefs Ministry and Y-Malawi to not only change the lives of Chiefs, but of entire communities.

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