Maddie was a young student when she began sponsoring Hawa.  She opened her heart to sponsor a young lady with significant mental challenges.  She selected her knowing about the challenges.  She selected because of the challenges.

That’s just the kind of generous heart Maddie has.  When the opportunity came to visit Hawa in Malawi, she learned that Hawa could not even walk.  So what did Maddie do?  She found the money to buy Hawa a wheelchair.  Over the past three years of sponsorship, Hawa hasn’t been able to say even one word to Maddie, let alone a word of thanks.  Yet, that’s not important to Maddie.  What matters to her is mirroring the love Jesus in her life to others.

Maddie put it this way, “My experience with sponsorship through Y-Malawi has truly been a gift.  Since 2018, my household sponsors a total of three women.  During these past three years, I have witnessed the impact of sponsorship through increased access to medical resources, home modifications, and other basic necessities.  However, I have also learned that sponsorship is mutually beneficial.  Lately, God has reminded me that generosity is a reflection of the heart of Christ.  In other words, God is generous, and since we are created in His image, we are all called to be generous, whether it be with our possessions, time or finances.  As a person living in a culture of consumerism, sponsorship encourages me to keep my priorities in check by remaining dependent on Him rather than my possessions.”

Amen Maddie.  In 2021 Maddie will be attending a university with a focus on therapy and rehabilitation.  She says that through sponsoring Hawa, God stirred a passion in her heart for people with disabilities.  Sponsorship isn’t about giving something to someone in need.  It’s about loving as Jesus loved.  When you open that door, God will open doors in your life you might never have dreamed about.