The ministry of Y-Malawi seeks to awaken, transform and serve. In large part this is accomplished through partners working on the front-lines in Malawi. One of those partners is the Nkhoma Youth Department. The story below recaps the difference made in the lives of two young people in Malawi. You can read the full story at

Chikupila lived in poverty. His was a life without hope. Alcohol, stealing, and trouble filled his time. Ironically, Chikupila also lived close to fertile land and water. Yet without the necessary farming skills he could not use the wonderful land God blessed him with to his advantage.

Those skills and some funding were provided to Chikupila, through a Nkhoma Youth Department Club in partnership with Y-Malawi and World Vision. Today Chikupila is a successful farmer. He grows cabbage, maize, beans and tomatoes. He says “Since I joined the club my life has changed for the better. I used to cause havoc in the area, which is not the case today. I did not mind what trouble to cause. But look, I now contribute positively to the family and development of the community.”

Josephine is a secondary school student. She attends the Diamphwe Youth Club where she has learned about business, leadership and health. With the knowledge she has been given Josephine has started her own business. She sells Mandasi after school. She has even recruited others in her family to sell Mandasi for her while she is at school.

Now Josephine helps support her family of four. She says “My parents could not fend for my needs. They struggled buying me school uniform, shoes and clothes, which I can now afford.”

Two lives touched in a positive way. Lives that are now making a difference in the lives of others.


Josephine, Chikupila and Mhango     Chikupila & Josephine in one of the fields