For more than one and a half decades Y-Malawi and our partners in Malawi have linked arms together. Much has been accomplished. Strong relationships have been forged as we have shared, encouraged, and prayed for each other. We know our brothers and sisters in Africa as some of the most genuine, intelligent, loving, and joy filled people on earth. God has blessed our work together as literally hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed for the good.

In the United States this week, we are celebrating the birth and life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. One of his most famous speeches is his “I have a dream speech.” In the speech he talks about his dream that one day all men and women will share equality and respect. The dream is that this will happen no matter where a person is born, their race, their religion, their status.

Y-Malawi has a dream too. That dream is expressed in our vision statement, “We believe in a vibrant and thriving Christian community that knows what’s most important in life.” We have seen this vision become reality through a community of relationships formed between people in Malawi and the United States.

Achievement of our vision is dependent upon how well we as individuals live out the words of Jesus. He challenges us that the most important things we can do are to “To love God and love others” (Luke 10:27). Some have referred to this as “The Great Commandment.” History documents that no government, no movement, no power, nothing can stand against this kind of love.

It is often easy to get distracted in life by activities going on around us, but these things are seldom what is most important. The most important question is what are you doing to love God and love others? Leaders and governments will come and go as they always have, it is only the difference we have made in the lives of others that will truly last.

As for Y-Malawi, along with our partners we choose love. We love our brothers and sisters in Malawi. Together we will continue to pursue our purpose of “Opening People’s Hearts for Change.”