Below are a few of the women and girls waiting to be sponsored. If you can help, jot down the name of the person you wish to sponsor and click “Sponsor Now.” Write the name of the person you wish to sponsor in the comment box as you check out.

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Aminadi Awame – this woman is about 44 years old. She lives with her husband and four children. Her husband is disabled, so Aminadi is the sole provider for the family. She works in the fields every day earning just pennies to buy food. She and her family need food security, clothes, and other basic things that sponsorship can provide them.

Veronica Mdalawezi – She is 19 years old. Her father passed when she was very young. Her mother left her too. Now she lives with her grandmother. She has been able to avoid marriage so far. Most of her days are spent taking care of her grandmother. Veronica just needs a chance.

Charity James – at about 10 years old, she lives in the village called Chinkhande. Her parents are poor but she has had some schooling and can read, but only in Chichewa. A sponsorship would keep her in school and provide the schooling supplies she needs to graduate. Sponsorship would give her hope for the future.

Maines Elias – this woman believes she is about 45 years old. She has three children. The oldest is 25, the youngest is 17. She is a widow and very active in her local church. She has a garden that she depends on for food to feed herself and the family.  She could use just a little help from someone willing to give her new opportunities for a less difficult life.

Maupo Hackson – Very little is known about this girls family. She fends for herself, does not know her age and lives in a very poor community in difficult circumstances. She is estimated to be about 19 years old. She needs someone to help her get back in school or to receive vocational training. She needs someone to love her.

Pendo Msafire – Pendo does not know her birthday. We think she is about 17. Both parents have died so she stays with her grandmother. She has been unable to go to school because she must work the fields in order to help support her grandmother. Sponsorship could mean Pendo returns to school or get vocational training. She needs someone to care.

Mwalati Ungweli – She is about 70 years old. She has outlived all her children except one. She is still married. Neither she or her husband can work much in the fields these days. They count on the support of well-wishers for their existence. They often go hungry. They need food security, warm blankets and someone who cares.

Aisha was married at a young age and is now expecting. She had to drop out of school. She needs a sponsor so that she can care for the baby, and possibly even attend vocational training. Without help she will live a life of working in the fields and bearing children.