This is a story of a terrible situation and the blessings of God. Rute is 35 years old, she is married and has 4 children. She was recently registered for Y-Malawi’s sponsorship program. When the Field Officer registered her, he found her hungry and searching in the dirt near a grain mill for kernels of grain that might have fallen to the ground. She was trying to gather these few kernels to take home as food for her family. It gets worse. She is HIV positive, her husband is disabled, and at least one of her sons is sick too. In her weak condition, she was the only thing standing between her family and starvation.

The Field Officer reported his findings to Y-Malawi leadership. The next day he returned in his own car with provisions from Y-Malawi. He brought corn, cooking oil, beans, soya, fish, sugar, salt and some vegetables. Her face shows the joy and gratitude in her heart.

Now officially part of the Y-Malawi Sponsorship and Empowerment Program for Women and Girls, Rute will be visited regularly and will not just receive help, but encouragement, hope, and a path forward. Rute is a Christian, and she can personally testify to how the love of Jesus reveals itself through the body of Christ.

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