It’s a little thought about fact that every day in this world more than 800 women die in childbirth. More than 500 of those women die each day in Africa. As recently as 2008 more than 31 mothers died during childbirth in the Nkhoma area alone. But there is hope.

Thanks to the hard work of Nkhoma Hospital Medical Director Reynier Ter Haar and his dedicated staff this trend is changing. The Hospital is using enhanced protocols, increased feedback to referring health center staff and improved transportation. In addition, new service level agreements with the government have removed financial barriers.

Is it making a difference? In a big way. In 2015 there were only 3 mothers who died during childbirth!


It gets better. Through a relationship with Managed Care Executives for Africa, Y-Malawi is funding the education of four local doctors so that they can care for the needs of their own community. It is our local African partners who are at the heart of creating positive and sustainable change. They are making a difference in the lives and future of Malawian’s.

Y-Malawi is honored to play a role in this effort. If you want to help just click above to donate.  You too can make a difference in someone’s future!