Meet Felia, she is 14 and runs her own business. She does this to pay for her school fees. School is not free in Malawi and her parents cannot afford to pay. Felia became convinced of the importance of school after attending a conference hosted by Y-Malawi partners. This learning changed her life. Now she is determined that she can do more in life, she is proving it by earning the money she needs to stay in school.

  This is Kingsley. He also attended the seminar that Felia attended. At the seminar he learned of two girls who had dropped out of school because they could not afford the fees. Kingsley rallied some others, and together they did fundraising. They earned $41, enough to get the girls back in school. Kingsley is one of many great examples of how Y-Malawi partners are encouraging the people of Malawi. It is the people of Malawi themselves who hold the key to a better future, and they are leading the change!