Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Many girls in Malawi miss one week of school each month, just because they are girls. Just because of the marvelous way God created them.

Meet Florence, she’s the girl in the black tee behind her sewing machine. Florence is 17 years old. She is an orphan, she is also the head of her household. Her siblings depend on her to provide food and shelter. Fortunately for Florence, she has learned how to sew. She is very talented. Sewing is how she earns money to support her family. She even supports her elderly grandmother.

But there is more to her story. Florence has also learned to sew reusable sanitary kits for girls. With a little help from the Y-Malawi team, she is creating a kit for girls that allows them to stay in school. Next month she will begin teaching tailoring students at the Vocational Training Center to make them too! Y-Malawi will purchase the kits providing a little money for the student and a little profit for the Vocational Training Center. Then the Y-Malawi team can get these important kits into the hands of school girls in Nkhotakota.

Most importantly, girls who receive the kits will also experience a day of education. A day where they will learn about their bodies, why God made them the way He did, and other life topics that are taboo to speak about in traditional village culture.

Life isn’t always fair, but no girl should miss school just because she is on her way to becoming a woman.

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