One of the key guidelines Y-Malawi operates under is that “We seek partners who demonstrate a desire for independence not dependence as well as sustainability.” Sponsoring programs that not only share the love of Jesus but help people achieve a brighter future is the goal. The Nkhoma Synod Youth Department serves as a shining example of how this works in real life.

Director Richard Kapanda recently told this story, “Hebert was born in the same community but after discovering that his community contained no hope for his survival, he engaged himself into child labour in some of the tobacco estates in the central region. He grew up as a tenant who could only visit his village soon after harvesting. It happened that in one of the visits, he decided to attend one of the youth club meetings conducted by the Nkhoma Synod Youth Department, it was at this meeting where, Herbert had an encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ. Coincidentally, the meeting was also addressing some of the challenges that the youth of the  community are going through (like poverty). This teaching, which emphasized on lack of vision people perish, helped Herbert not to go to the estate again but rather to ask a portion of land from his parents to do farming. As I am talking, Herbert is now migrating from dependency to independence. He is now the chairperson of Chilenje youth club. With him Chilenje Youth Club has started keeping goats, pigs and model garden and has finances to run some affairs of the club. Herbert with his brilliant ideas has become an agent of change.”


Herbert is the fourth from the left.

The Nkhoma Synod Youth Department works with youth ages 10-35 and they have achieved some dramatic results. They hold Youth Clubs, do youth training, teacher training and vocational skills training while all the time sharing the gospel.

  • 70% of Youth Clubs have started doing irrigation farming (at club level).
  • 22% youth have started small scale businesses.
  • 50% of youth members have started their own irrigation farming (vegetable gardens).

Through the Nkhoma Synod Youth Department Y-Malawi is making a real difference in lives, now, in the future and for eternity.