Life is hard in Africa, especially in the rural villages. But while food and jobs are both scarce, ingenuity is not. The Youth Clubs of Nkotakota have taken to pumping new life into their community, literally. Working together as a team, with handmade hoes and shovels, they are building fishing ponds. One shovel of dirt at a time they work side by side, to build a better future for themselves and their communities.

Once the ponds are dug, they stock them with fish, but the work does not stop there. Water easily evaporates in the hot African sun, so they dig a well nearby and pump more water in. It’s all done one foot at a time. The digging and the pumping.  There is no electricity in these areas, so they pump the water in using their feet. It takes time, it’s hard work, but they don’t give up. They don’t give up on the fish, and they don’t give up on their future.

The fish grow rapidly, and when fully grown they can be sold, or eaten if times get tough. Some of the clubs are using a portion of the money to fund ponds for other clubs. It’s another example of how Y-Malawi partners are using sustainable development practices to make a difference.