Reading can open up a new completely new world. That’s why literacy is one focus of the work being done in Malawi. One man recently said this about learning to read.

”In my early years of life my father told me that I don’t need to attend school because it was for Missionaries who wanted to win Muslims to Christianity, I avoided it as much as possible up to last year when things became so hard for me. My chief came to me with forms that each male member of the village was suppose to fill with information. My challenge was I couldn’t read or write and went around to look for someone to help, but nobody was willing to help me. I went back to the chief with unfilled form. The chief told me in my face that he is not helping me because my ignorance was a choice. That pained me and I started looking for a solution. Thanks to  God that Fishers, Trainers and Senders established a reading program in my village. I was the first one to enroll. I am now a happy man, able to write my name and my village name. I can now see things differently”