In the new Church Empowerment Zone, Biblical training is not the only thing church leaders are given. They are encouraged to reach out to their communities. Through local development projects, people are noticing that Christians care. It draws them to want to know more about why.

Several churches have decided to open preschools. These school help get students ready for school, they give students a huge advantage when they enter first grade. They help ensure their school career will be successful. The also learn about the Bible. It’s working! Comments from recent teacher training demonstrate the impact.

“My eyes are now wide open after this training. I have been a teacher for over 27 years for Malawi government schools, but none of this truth was revealed to me.”  Medrine. (man on the left in the picture)

“Being a beginner preschool teacher, the training has helped to take away all my fears and has shown me where to start from.”  William (new teacher)

“I am now a Pastor to my own students. I need to treasure this gift that God has given me these two weeks.”   Wisdom (a Muslim teacher)