They may seem common place to the western world, but simple healthy living literally saves lives in parts of Africa. That’s why one of our core impact areas is health and wellness. Just look what happened in 2017 alone.

  • 10,000 households sprayed for mosquitos
  • Hundreds of people attended nutritional seminars
  • 1,045 families received vitamins and medicine for their children
  • 540 households now have proper toilets and clean water
  • 2,000 received mosquito nets for sleeping
  • 3,000 were trained in proper handwashing
  • 3 local doctors are receiving medical training

Is it working?

  • Hospital admissions are at record lows
  • Deaths during maternity are at record lows too
  • Cases of HIV/Aids are much lower than previous years

Common place? Perhaps, but teaching healthy living is making a huge impact on thousands of lives. The best part is that it is sustainable! It does not only impact this generation, but generations to come.