The 2016 Summer Olympics are in the record books. As the saying goes, we witnessed athletes experience both “the thrill of victory…and the agony of defeat.” In Malawi another sort of Olympics just took place as the areas of Nkhoma and Chilenje held their annual Netball and Soccer Tournament. This year it was Nkhoma that experience “the thrill of victory” as they won in both events.

In the Olympics the winners receive medals made of gold, silver or bronze. While valuable, these medals are only made of metal. In Malawi the winners and outstanding players received Bibles, a prize that will provide encouragement, guidance and hope for a lifetime. Watch the video and see if these winners were not every bit as enthused about their prize as those winners in Brazil!

This is another great event that Y-Malawi partners the Nhkoma Youth Department hosted as they continue to promote the love of Jesus to the youth of Malawi. It’s just one more way that together we are changing people, communities and the future!