We don’t often think of goats as life savers, but in Malawi they are. Goats are easy to care for, they eat just about anything. They reproduce frequently. They can be eaten, but more importantly, they can be sold. They can become an income producing business that allows families to buy food, clothes, and pay school fees.

Fishers, Trainers and Senders is a Y-Malawi Partner running a program called “Goat Pass On.” The concept is simple. If you receive a goat, you make a promise to share the first born of your goat with someone else. You pass the goat on. Last month 27 goats were given to Bible Study Leaders and participants, plus some sponsored women & girls. This is a gift many have only dreamed of. The goats are not just life savers, but for many they are life changers.

“Owning a goat is like a dream to me. After this goat has reproduced, the level of income at my home will change and it will easily help me to educate my three girls and two boys who are now at primary school.” – Tulaya Ali

“Initially when we joined the Bible Study Group in 2012, we were not receiving anything. But now our economic life is being transformed too. I am so thankful.” – Khumbizi Stambuli

This is just one more way to bring sustainable transformation. All the while sharing the love of Jesus and changing lives forever.