Most of us living in the United States have a difficult time understanding the many challenges people face in developing countries like Malawi. Life for girls and women can be very different. Consider some of the statistics.

  • The average woman has 5.7 children
  • 26% of women who bear children are age 15 – 19
  • 50% of women are married before age 18
  • For women with no education the average age of marriage is less than 17
  • For women with education the average age of marriage is 24
  • 14% of women are in a marriage that is polygamous
  • 40% of women report spousal or partner violence

Empowering vulnerable girls and women in Malawi can make a significant difference not only in the lives of girls and women, but in the future of the country. Y-Malawi and our partners recognize how important this is. In late 2017 we will be launching new programs designed specifically to empower and impact girls and women. Our vision includes helping girls stay in school, and working against child marriage. We will be working to provide educational, vocational, and development opportunities so that girls and women can become less dependent. Local churches need the active participation of girls and women, so we are working to open these doors too.

We are excited about what is to come, watch for us to announce new programs soon. We hope you will engage with us!