Chiefs 2

In Malawi there is a culture of hereditary chiefs ruling in a tribal system. These important leaders can make an important difference in the lives of those they lead. As community gate keepers most decisions are made with the influence of the chief or village heads. Their leadership skills and beliefs have a daily impact on the lives of others.

Amos Chibasa is the gifted and passionate leader of the Chief’s Ministry. The focus of this ministry is to share with chiefs about Jesus Christ and to train them to be godly and wise leaders in their communities. This work is accomplished through conferences, workshops, door to door, prayer mobilization and one-on-one training such as “Farming Gods Way.”

At a recent event Amos shared with chiefs the importance of sports and games in replacing traditional heathen and harmful practices. Then on February 7th a big netball and soccer tournament was held. It began with prayer and Bible study followed by games, fun and fellowship. What a great way to share the gospel, help develop communities, and make a difference in the lives of others!

Chiefs Prayer Gathering

Bible study started the day

Chiefs Netball

A day of fun and fellowship

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